Heavy Duty Equipment has a knowledgeable staff and the tools to help you with your turf, landscape, and aquatic needs.


Turf Grass Seed:

We purchase turf grass seed direct from the Oregon growers cutting out the middleman, assuring you the highest quality varieties with no weed seed.ProScapeLogo

Granular Fertilizer:

We purchase our fertilizer direct from the manufactures, selecting the proper analysis for the Midwest region, buying truckload direct allows us to pass our savings on to you. The more important reason to purchase is we keep our staff fully trained, attending regional and national training keeping up with the latest and safest product knowledge, advising you with the most up to date products.

Liquid Herbicide:

Our herbicide products will control all types of weeds in all types of areas. Our turf herbicides will keep your lawn weed free, because of varying temperatures and moisture conditions, please consult our turf experts for the proper recommendations. There are several applications where you would prefer nothing to grow such as gravel areas, paver stone patios and drive ways; we have the perfect chemical for those applications as well. Some cases you would prefer to have your plants or turf grow at a slower pace as well, we stock many plant growth regulators, please call for advice on your particular needs.


If you have something bugging you we can fix it. We carry a full line of insecticides for turf areas, trees, bushes, ground cover, and buildings.  The chemicals of yesterday did the job, but were often harsher on the environment and people then the new advanced chemicals of today. The insecticide we offer will be extremely effective and much less harmful to the environment and the people, animals that live here.

Please call for a recommendation.


Aquatic Treatment:

If it is swimming or fishing we want you to enjoy the water ways, without the unsightly algae, duck weed and other annoyance’s. Please come in see our display and pick up a brochure for the latest safest way to treat your lake.

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